Sonic Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations is a U.S. based manufacturer of hearing care solutions who envisions a world where all people can enjoy the sounds of everyday life and where lives are improved through enhanced hearing.

Sonic Innovations approach to all product development is centered around its 4S Foundation:

  • Sound that is Natural
  • Speech Intelligibility
  • Simplicity in usage
  • Stylish Design
Sonic Flip

Flip™ All New!:

Designed to keep pace with an energetic lifestyle like yours, the compact Flip packs a wealth of benefits into a tiny ergonomic form. Flip offers you:

  • An organic design that fits comfortably and discreetly behind your ear
  • A convenient flip open case for better dexterity
  • A small and discreet instrument body that still fits a large size 13 battery for extended battery life

In addition, benefits like increased listening comfort in noise and more natural sounding speech, two of the biggest challenges for anyone with a hearing loss, are now better addressed with the remarkable new feedback cancellation capabilities and Speech Priority Noise Reduction available in Flip.

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  • Model: miniRIC
  • Suitable for: Mild to Severe* Hearing Loss
*Suitable for severe losses with power receiver, available Spring ‘12.
Sonic Groove


Groove is a microCIC (completely-in-the-canal) hearing instrument that is custom molded for you alone. And the virtually invisible individual fit is only part of how Groove keeps up with your personal tempo.

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  • Model: miniCIC
  • Suitable for: Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
Sonic Varicom


Varicom is a family of hearing instruments where looks, lifestyle, and leading-edge technology come together. And you’ll find there’s hardly a situation for which Varicom isn’t prepared.

Specifically designed for clear and easy access to external audio sources, Varicom is equipped with wireless connectivity as a standard feature.

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  • Model: Various Styles Available
  • Suitable for: Mild to Severe Hearing Loss
Sonic Velocity


Your life has its own speed. Your activities, your social circle, and your hearing needs are uniquely your own. Velocity was designed to keep up with how you like to live. With a full range of products to fit every lifestyle, budget, fit, and feature need, Velocity is ready to move your hearing experience to the next level.

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  • Model: Various Styles Available
  • Suitable for: Mild to Severe Hearing Loss
Sonic Touch


Not a traditional hearing instrument, the tiny Sonic Touch isn’t obvious, bulky, or even beige. It represents advanced mechanical engineering and patented sound technology designed to put you in touch with a world of vibrant sound.

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  • Model: microRIC
  • Suitable for: Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
Sonic Endura


The Endura Super Power BTE is a behind-the-ear instrument with both your lifestyle and power amplification in mind. Endura is designed to deliver not just high-level output, but high quality sound. With the muscle of Sonic technology behind Endura, you can have a powerful hearing experience.

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  • Model: Super Power BTE
  • Suitable for: Mild to Profound Hearing Loss
Sonic Ion


The ionTM family of products offers the best comfort, cosmetics and clarity of any Open Ear hearing aid on the market. People will notice you’re hearing better—not that you’re wearing a hearing aid.

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  • Model: microBTE
  • Suitable for: Mild to Severe Hearing Loss